Line Production for Films

Line Production for Films

Line Production for Films

We provide complete support and services for all your production needs across UK. We have our resourceful contacts, problem-solving skills and scrupulous attention to budget. Our services range from acting as your local liaison to providing full production services.

Why UK?

England, Wales, and Scotland’s stunning scenery, experienced crew, world class studios and attractive tax breaks make it one of the best places in the world to film.

Why London?

Approximately three-quarters of the UK’s film industry is based in and around London, meaning that it contributed roughly £1.2bn to the capital’s economy in 2016.

London is the third busiest city for film production in the world after only Los Angeles and New York. The capital’s world-class crews, locations, talent and competitive tax reliefs have sustained London’s position in the top three cities – and that also means demand for studio space is incredibly high.

Brit5 Media offers production people from all over the world a stress-free shoot in London and rest of the UK.

Brit5 Media is a one stop service for Film & TV Production no matter how big or small your production is we can accommodate it

Film And Video Production Services And Support :

Line Production Services is our speciality and we organise your production tasks in a way you could only imagine. You can bind all your production-related work in a go as we provide inclusive production services under one roof.

Budget And Accounts :

Based on your script or storyboards and other production details, we prepare budgets and send you the estimate. A comprehensive production and accounting wrap up are provided post-shoot.